Our Story

Our Story

As experts in non-invasive facial aesthetics, our goal is to enhance the natural beauty and look of each guest. Our medical professionals are highly trained and experienced clinical artists that will provide you the gold standard of facial treatments.

BevelUp is not your typical medical aesthetic office. We are redefining the medspa experience. Our modern, convenient location, expertly trained team, and thoughtfully curated menu of treatments puts the focus on the guest. We elevate your experience and outcomes by making facial aesthetic treatments as convenient as possible. We ensure skin care rituals become a regular part of your routine and not just a luxury splurge.


Bevel (/ˈbevəl/), verb. to cut or shape at an angle; to soften the edge: noun. a sloping surface; the tip of a needle often used in medical aesthetics and skincare.


Up (/əp/), adjective. toward a higher place or position: preposition. from a lower to a higher point on (something); upward along: adjective. directed or moving toward a higher place or position.


BevelUp (/ˈbevəl/əp/), our interpretation. The craft we have mastered uses a bevel to shape angles and lines that are in proportion to the natural beauty of the face. We are here to Update, Upgrade and Uplift you.