Plasma Pen

Would you like to tighten loose, sagging skin and look years younger? If you’re not ready for a facelift, a plasma pen treatment might be ideal for you. We offer this innovative skin tightening solution at BevelUp In Tampa, FL. When it comes to smoothing wrinkles and erasing the signs of aging, our facial aesthetic experts can give you the most impressive results.

What Is the Plasma Pen?

A plasma pen is used to create micro-tears in the epidermis, stimulating collagen production and allowing newer, smoother, healthier skin to grow. It’s a highly effective anti-aging device that we use to lift the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. After the treatment, your skin cells produce higher levels of collagen and elastin. You get firmer, more supple skin as a result.

Additionally, long-term skin tightening is achieved as the skin heals and renews itself. You can expect visible, significant results that can be compared with the outcomes of cosmetic surgery.

The device is safe to use on any part of your body. It is gentle enough yet effective on delicate areas with moderate to severe wrinkles. We recommend this treatment for cosmetic issues such as:

Crow’s feet
Stretch marks
Eye bags
Facial lines and folds
Sagging jowls

What’s the Science Behind It?

The plasma pen converts electrical energy into electrostatic energy. The probe doesn’t come into contact with skin, but we hold it about a millimeter from the epidermis. As we perform the treatment, the probe discharges an arc of plasma, which causes thermal disruption within your skin. Your skin tissues contract as a result, as highly accurate and controlled tears in the topmost layer of your skin are created.

The micro-tears in the skin promote the natural healing of the skin. After the treatment, the targeted areas will see a boost in collagen production and other essential proteins. During the rejuvenating process, old skin cells will form scabs and fall off. Tighter, firmer, and fresher skin appears as a new layer at the surface.

How Does a Plasma Pen Treatment Work?

The pen is used to perform fibroblast therapies, wherein the skin’s dermal structure is disrupted to trigger the body’s natural healing response. When you undergo fibroblast therapies, you’re not only getting micro-injuries on the skin. The treatment causes thermal disruption, allowing for complete skin rejuvenation.

By disrupting fibroblasts (collagen and other essential proteins) in the epidermis, the treatment can successfully tighten the skin, rejuvenate your appearance, and visibly reduce the signs of aging. Thanks to its many transformative effects, our skin tightening treatment is an ideal solution if you’d like to look years younger without undergoing a facelift.

Are the Results Permanent?

You can achieve permanent tightening of loose skin with our aesthetic treatments. Nevertheless, your lifestyle, environment, and health choices can all determine how long your results last. We recommend that you undergo follow-up treatments to maintain your ideal results.

The Benefits of a Plasma Pen Treatment

Fibroblast treatments have been widely performed throughout the globe. Many people have experienced the treatment’s amazing anti-aging benefits and restored their firm, tight, young-looking skin.

Our aesthetic treatments are highly versatile and can effectively smooth your wrinkles, tighten your skin, and rejuvenate even delicate areas such as the eyelids. If you’re interested in this treatment, here are the following benefits you can expect:

Enhanced Skin Quality

It’s no secret that plasma pen treatments are highly effective for treating skin laxity, wrinkles, and skin imperfections. If you’d like to look younger and have firmer skin, this treatment will exceed your expectations. Additionally, you can get visible results that continue to improve in the next few months after your treatment.

Quick, Painless Appointments

In as little as an hour, we can finish your treatments and allow you to resume your normal activities. There is no downtime or lengthy recovery period associated with our skin rejuvenating treatments. Additionally, you won’t need to deal with unbearable pain that makes pain medication necessary. During your appointment, we will use a topical numbing cream to ensure your comfort.

Long-Lasting Results

Our non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments are meant to give you long-lasting, transformative results. When you observe good skincare and take care of your health, you can see skin tightening results that last for up to four years.

Enhance Your Beauty Today

Nowadays, you can achieve younger-looking, tighter skin without undergoing surgery. At BevelUp In Tampa, FL, we only offer gold standard aesthetic facial treatments that will truly enhance your appearance and exceed your expectations. We are proud to offer the latest technology in a convenient medspa environment that guarantees a premium experience.