We are innovators of our craft providing you with the gold standard in facial aesthetic treatments.

Our Story

As experts in non-invasive facial aesthetics, our goal is to enhance the natural beauty and look of each guest. Our medical professionals are highly trained and experienced clinical artists that will provide you the gold standard of facial treatments.

BevelUp is not your typical medical aesthetic office. We are redefining the medspa experience. Our modern, convenient location, expertly trained team, and thoughtfully curated menu of treatments puts the focus on the guest. We elevate your experience and outcomes by making facial aesthetic treatments as convenient as possible. We ensure skin care rituals become a regular part of your routine and not just a luxury splurge.

BevelUp Defined

  • Bevel (/ˈbevəl/), verb. to cut or shape at an angle; to soften the edge: noun. a sloping surface; the tip of a needle often used in medical aesthetics and skincare.

  • Up (/əp/), adjective. toward a higher place or position: preposition. from a lower to a higher point on (something); upward along: adjective. directed or moving toward a higher place or position.

  • BevelUp (/ˈbevəl/əp/), our interpretation. The craft we have mastered uses a bevel to shape angles and lines that are in proportion to the natural beauty of the face. We are here to Update, Upgrade and Uplift you.

OUR visionary founder

Rashae Doyle

Rashae Doyle MPAS, PA-C is a National Board Certified Physician Assistant with 20 years of experience in medical aesthetics and skincare. She received her undergraduate degree from Georgia State University, Magna Cum Laude and a Masters of Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Florida.

Her journey began as a surgical and clinical physician assistant in the specialty of dermatology where she discovered her passion for aesthetics. She has worked alongside leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons to establish a solid foundation and knowledge of the skin’s structure and anatomy. These skills have helped her to hone her craft as an injector and given her the recognition as an expert in the industry. Her passion, experience, and expertise in the industry has helped her to become recognized as one of the elite national Allergan and Galderma trainers for more than 15 years of her career.

Rashae felt like there was something missing in the approach to medical aesthetics. Her vision was to create a modern space where facial aesthetics and superior service are the focus. BevelUP was the fruition of that dream. She saw an opportunity to start her own business and offer services that are tailored and curated to help instill confidence in her clients. “From the moment, a guest walks into BevelUp, our personalized approach will make them feel good about their treatment experience, but even better about their results when they leave”.

Our medical director

Dr. Tony Watt

Dr. Tony Watt was born and raised in Hartland, Wisconsin. He attended Marquette University, obtaining a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Biomedical Science and a minor in Physics. Dr. Watt spent four years studying medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where he was accepted into the most competitive Residency there is – Plastic Surgery. Dr. Watt spent six years working on his Plastic Surgery Residency specializing in all things plastics at The University of South Florida.

Dr. Watt believes that natural and long-lasting results can only be achieved through true surgical expertise and a dedicated lifelong passion for both learning and teaching the art of aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He has become known throughout Florida and the Tampa Bay area for having particular expertise in Breast Augmentation and advanced Breast Revision procedures, HD Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, as well as his Neck and Face Lifts.

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